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Ham & Rocket Pizza


Join us each evening in our "petit restaurant” as we prepare a savory, three-course menu. Our cuisine is based on Italian and French influences. We use fresh, organic, local and regional products, such as meat from Charolais cows, fish from the lakes of the Morvan, Bresse chicken and vegetables from our own garden. Many dishes will be prepared using the barbecue, smoker and wood oven. Or, you can always choose a vegetarian dish if you prefer. 

In addition to the daily menu, we serve delicious wood-fired pizzas inclduding the "spécialité du chef," a pizza with the famous Epoisses cheese from the Côte-d'Or.

For "la petite faim" you can choose from "croque-monsieurs", paninis, or a deluxe hors-d'œuvre board (featuring various types of cheese and charcuterie).

To help introduce you to the beautiful wines produced in Burgundy, we organize wine tastings. We hope you will be able to join us and discover a new favorite.

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Image by Tom Hermans
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